How to check a electric motor to see if good?


It is important to check the electric motor of an appliance to see if it is in good working condition. Here are a few things to check. First, look at the outside of the motor to check for broken mounting holes and feet, darkened paint, which indicates heat, and evidence of foreign matter pulled into the motor. Second, check the ball bearings. Do this by rotating the shaft, since the bearings allow the shaft to rotate easily. Third, check the windings if they have the proper resistance and if the they are open or broken.
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Usually, you check an electric motor to see if its good by connecting it directly to a power supply. It is turns, it's good. If it doesn't, it's bad. If it seems to be working in the test but still doesn't work when returned to its place, the power supply, wiring or switches controlling it are at fault and will need to be checked.
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1. Connect the red (positive) probe of the digital multimeter to the positive end of the windings on the motor. 2. Clip the black (negative) probe of the digital multimeter to the
1 Check the outside of the motor. If the motor has any of the following issues on the outside, they may be problems that can shorten the life of the motor because of previous overloading
in a delta configuration the current is split between the phases, as opposed to a wye configuration where the current will be equal on all phases. and vice versa for voltage.
Use a commercial electric fence tester
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