How to Check Antifreeze?


The easiest and safest way to check your vehicle's antifreeze is to allow the car's engine to cool off, before checking to water and coolant level. Remember, if you have driven the car in the past 30 min.- 1 hour; please do not attempt the first steps until the car's engine is cooled.
After the engine has cooled; lift the hood of the vehicle and open the lid to your coolant container. It's pretty easy to find, just look for a white container with the words coolant written on it.
Open the container and dip your finger. If you don't feel a wet substance there is a high chance that you need to add more antifreeze to your vehicle.
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1. Allow your car to cool completely if it has been in operation in the past two hours. 2. Remove the radiator cap carefully. Turn it one-half of the way off, and allow any built-up
Antifreese degrades through time and dilution, and may not afford the same protection that it first did.
Allow the vehicle's engine to completely cool before checking the engine coolant level.
To check coolant levels, locate the tank. The coolant level can be seen through plastic tanks, and markings indicate proper level. In vehicles without plastic tanks, consult the manual
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1. Shut the engine off and let it cool for at least an hour. Open the hood to facilitate the cooling process. 2. Remove the radiator cap or the cap on the coolant ...
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1. Look for large puddles of oil or antifreeze underneath the engine. Check for obvious signs of damage such as large cracks, a connecting rod protruding from ...
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