How do you check Gucci serial numbers?


Look for the Gucci serial model number on the merchandise, and check the validity of the number by contacting Gucci by telephone, or email the customer services department. A customer service representative can easily run the serial number that you supply in their database to see if it is legitimate. The assistance section of the Gucci website can supply you with the appropriate company contact information for your region.

The Gucci model and serial number is a symbol of authenticity for the company's products, and every genuine Gucci wallet, watch and purse comes with a 10- to 13-digit model and serial number located on the item. The top row of numbers is the model number, and the bottom row of numbers is the serial number. The Gucci purse has the number that is stamped on a black label Gucci tag. The inside of Gucci wallets has the number hidden in the seam or pocket. Gucci watches have the serial number engraved on the back.

If a Gucci product lacks a proper model and serial number, it is a counterfeit. Some fake Gucci products may be equipped with false model and serial numbers, so it is important to check the validity of the product by verifying if the numbers are genuine.

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