How to Check Website Credibility?


Checking website credibility may sound difficult but it is easy because it does not require any programming knowledge. To check website credibility, simply scan the URL to determine the publisher for example, company will have a .com, education facility will have .edu, and an organization will have .org. Scan the page and find out if there are links for contacts and 'About Us'. Finally, look for the last time it was updated and if it was updated a year ago, just know that it is incredible.
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1. Check with the Better Business Bureau. Founded in 1912, the Better Business Bureau requires all BBB-certified businesses to maintain strict standards in the way they conduct business
1. Check your the commentators' credentials. Education: Check. the highest level of education the commentator received. College degree or not? B.A. Masters or PHD? Check the field
You can always check with the better business bureau to verify if a website is legitimate. You will see the views from others regarding a certain website.
I believe you are referring to and I belive that it is a very credible website, as it is the representative of a actual organisation. Correct
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