How to Choose a Dog Breed?


When deciding to add a dog to your family, it is important to think about how this new member will fit in. Do you want a big dog or a small dog? Choose a breed that fits into your life and you will all be happier for it. You can find more information here:
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Do mutts or purebreds make better pets?
Mixed breeds, or mutts, are combinations of different breeds—one-of-a-kind dogs with unique looks and characteristics… Purebreds, on the other hand, have been selectively bred to look and act a particular way. All their ancestors are members of the same breed, so you can evaluate their genetic history…
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Dogs come in all sizes, shapes and energy levels. Choose the one that has the characteristics that fit your lifestyle. You may want a small dog if you live in an apartment or a big
Determine your basic needs. Do you want an outside dog? One that is good with children? One that can act as a guard dog? Short hair or long hair? What type of temperament? How affectionate
1 Consider whether you should really get a dog. Dogs are a huge commitment - for ten to sixteen years of your life, you'll be caring for this animal. If you're underage, ask your
Reader Question: I have been thinking about getting a dog. I need to get my personal situation fixed first, meanwhile I am wondering what breed of dog would like me. I seem pulled
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Choosing a dog breed is a very personal thing. Finding the right dog for you can be hard. You want to find one that will fit into your life perfectly. Best ...
When you're thinking about getting a dog, you want to assess the size of your living area and your lifestyle. Some dogs enjoy spending time on the couch and not ...
To choose the right breed of dog you should do your homework on the temperament, size, and how much attention they require in a day. You should choose a breed ...
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