How do you choose commemorative coins?


Most people will choose a commemorative coin that mean something special to them. It may be a coin issued for a specific event or person that has meaning to the buyer.
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1. Choose commemorative coins with significance to your life. The limited supply of commemorative coins can help ensure they gain value as the years pass, but this isn't a guarantee
The British commemorative nickel-brass Two Pound coins issued from 1986 to 1996 were not intended to be circulating coins but are still regarded as legal tender. Unless they are part
1 Decide on the size/denomination of the coin you'll need. Ad 2 Look through the coins you have. If you have coins with the denominations required, skip to step four. If you don't
Are you a numismatist? Before you wonder as to whether this is an insulting term, don’t fret – it’s just a term that refers to people who are collectors of coins
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How to Choose Commemorative Coins
Commemorative coins pay tribute to events, places, people or issues a government deems worthy of remembrance. In the United States, Congress approves the creation and distribution of these coins. In most cases, people can use commemorative coins as legal... More »
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