How to Circumcise Yourself?


It is not recommended that you try to circumcise yourself. In order to avoid complications and further injuries, you need to seek a medical professional to get circumcised.
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You do not wanted to circumcise yourself, it is very painful, you could make a mistake and do damage and you could get an infection. Go to a doctor.
You cannot circumcise yourself, u should consult a doctor or read my post on how to permanently retract your foreskin for lifelong, without any surgery.
Not medical advice: NEVER, EVER attempt to give yourself a
Attempting self-circumcision is just a very stupid thing to do. You cannot properly see what you are doing and would get a very poor cosmetic result. You cannot anaesthetise the penis
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While it may be tempting to perform such a personal operation in the comfort of your own home, it really isn't a wise idea. You should find a doctor that you trust ...
It hurts to circumcise yourself. The procedure for circumcision involving cutting of flesh at a site that is filled with very sensitive nerves is really painful. ...
To circumcise yourself, you will need to remove the excess skin from the head of your penis. Doing this at home can be painful and unsanitary, so you should go ...
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