How to Cite a Powerpoint Presentation?


A PowerPoint presentation as a source of information in your paper should be cited as if it were a lecture. Therefore, it would look like this: Last name, First name of speaker. 'Title of Speech' (if any). Name of Meeting or Organization (such as the school). Location of speech. Date of Speech. Type of presentation (lecture, keynote address, etc.).
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When using any type of information for writing reports and papers, you must always cite the resources that you have used. Citing a powerpoint presentation you should make sure that it is valid. There are two different ways to cite a powerpoint presentation either if you use it from a web source or from an actual conference. Both should have the authors last name then first name and date. The location should also be cited if you it was a conference or a web source should be cited if you used it off the internet.
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1. Open your PowerPoint presentation file. 2. Click on the thumbnail of the slide with the image you need to cite. 3. Click the "Insert Text Box" button at the top of the
Power Point presentation can be made using Microsoft Office Powerpoint software. You can insert slides, pictures, text, animation, sound to make it interactive.
If you don't want to include attributions in every slide, or in a big list of attributions at the end, you can always create a knowledge pill in , which will
Here is a good guide that you can use:
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