How to Cite a Television Show?


When using a television show as a source of information in your school paper, you should begin your citation with the name of the show in quotation marks. Check out this site for a detailed description of how to properly cite that television show:
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To cite a television show you need to start with the name of the author, date of broadcast. Next you need to put the title of the show and name of the broadcasting company. That's it!
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1. Start off by writing the name of the television episode if the show has one. This would be different than the name of the show itself. You can find episode names in your local
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Have you used a TV show as a source of information for your school paper? Proper citation of that source can mean the difference between a good grade and a bad ...
To cite a television program in a writing using the MLA format, you would underline the name of the show. The episode name, if used, would be in quotations. ...
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