How to Cite Lecture Notes?


The essay is finished and now you have moved on to making your bibliography. Have you given thought as to how to cite lecture notes? The best way to cite lecture notes is to give the date, the class and the name of your professor.
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1. Cite your own personal lecture notes in the body of the essay only. Indicate the name of the speaker, the date, and the location of the lecture. List the date without abbreviating
1. Cite the name of your professor in parentheses within the text when you paraphrase or quote from the lecture notes. For example: (Jones) 2. Position your citation directly after
You should cite notes from a lecture just as you do any other outside source of information. You should include the teacher or professor's name, name of the class and date of the
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1. Document class lectures in APA format using the speaker's last name, followed by the first initial. Give the year and month of the lecture, in that order, in ...
The best way to take lecture notes is to record the lecture and write notes then go back and listen to the lecture again to write down what was missed. If the ...
The lecture notes for the Fundamentals of Nursing should be received when a student is absent from the class. It is generally the students responsibility to ensure ...
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