How to Cite Shakespeare?


When quoting Shakespeare as a source for your paper, it is imperative to know where you obtained the Shakespeare, from a book, an online source, etc. Proper formatting could be reflected in your grade. For more information look here: Here is a great site to learn about citations:;
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How to Cite Shakespeare
In our school systems, one of the largest and most apparent problems facing educators is plagiarism--a student taking someone else's work and passing it off as his or her own. Many times, plagiarism is accidental. Due to evolving systems of citation,... More »
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1. Understand what type of source you are quoting from, and style it appropriately. For Shakespeare's plays, underline the title of the play. 2. Insert slashes where lines break in
When citing books, provide the following information in this order: Author's
Usually, you should have a parenthetical citation that gives the act, scene, and line number.>.
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These are mythical creatures cited in various different folklores and typically they can be described as living beings with the upper torso of woman and lower ...
It is not clear what Shakespeares first play was. However, The Three Parts of Henry VI, The Two Gentlemen of Verona and Titus Andronicus have been cited as his ...
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