How to Cite Sources?


It is important to cite sources properly and acknowledge the work of others. It is considered plagiarism if you did not cite sources properly, intentionally or unintentionally. Here are documentation Guidelines for citing sources and avoiding plagiarism.
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To cite books using the APA style you would write: author's last name, first name, (year), title - in italics. The next line would be the city of publication: the publisher. You can find more information here:
To city sources you have to know where the sources come from. Then if your in a meeting and you need to use the source then you can cite where it came from.
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To cite sources, always include the name of the source to avoid plagiarism. Your source could be a book, news paper article, website content or other. Citation styles vary. A good
1. Avoid dropping your quote. Add a signal phrase, also called an attribution, before your quote. Because you are working with an online source, it may or may not have an author listed
1 Gather your information about each source. First you need to find out what kind of information you'll need from each type of source. If you're using a strict format that requires
That depends on the level of paper being written. Primary sources are always best. These would include journals and publications by the people who actually did the research. (The
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You should cite sources in the American Psychological Association format or APA style by following the specific guidelines that are set out. Double space and ...
To cite sources in MLA format, you have to be familiar with the rules of the Modern Language Association. The most important thing to remember is that you need ...
In citing sources in a paper, there should be an alphabetized listing of the authors, their work, the name of the work and the year it was written. For more information ...
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