How To Clean A 10-gallon Aquarium?


Remove fish waste and uneaten feeds floating at the waters by net or fish vacuum. Scrub the gravel and the aquarium walls. Change a gallon of water every cleanup to keep the pH levels balanced and change the cartridge of the filter when needed.
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How to Clean a 10 Gallon Aquarium
Cleaning an aquarium requires the removal of algae from the sides and bottom, as well as the replacement of a small percentage of the tank's water. A fish tank vacuum, an algae scraper and a plastic tank divider make the job much faster and easier. Many... More »
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1. Remove and discard one gallon of water from your 10-gallon fish tank using a plastic, gallon-sized pitcher. Small water changes like this are important, as removing old water and
I have a 55 gallon aquarium with 3 oscars and a placostomous. I have a little hose thing that siphons water out of the tank. About once a week, I take about half of the water in the
I have a 75-gallon tank and clean out about 10 gallons every week. Since yours is an 18 gallon tank, I would start with cleaning it every two weeks by siphoning the substrate and
A ten gallon aquarium will generally measure 20"L x 12"W x 12"D. Ca...
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1. Place the aquarium outside in a sunny location. Add about 4 oz. of CLR to the empty aquarium for every 20 gallons of water the aquarium can hold. 2. Fill the ...
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Many people enjoy tending to and keeping an aquarium. They are relaxing to watch but they need to be properly maintained in order to keep the fish inside healthy ...
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