How do you clean a 9mm Luger?


To clean a 9mm Luger, you need to first make sure the gun is unloaded. Next, you'll need to disassemble the gun per the instructions in your owner's manual. Use a gun cleaning solution with a rag and a small brush to get your Luger looking like new. You can find more information here:
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Follow instructions in the owner's manual. Contact the maker if you don't have one. If not in business, take it to your local gun smith.
1. Properly maintaining firearms ensures reliability and longetivity. Refer to your user guide for specific disassembly instructions for your 9mm pistol. If your instructions are
To do the job properly, you're going to need a brass tumbler, cleaning media such as crushed walnut shells, and some brass cleaning polish to add to the media. This will involve an
The PF 9mm Luger, Blued MSRP is $333.00. You have yourself a great day!
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George Luger invented the 9 mm. It was based on Hugh Borchardt's design in 1893, but George Luger refined it in 1900. It was accepted for military use in 1908 ...
The High-Point Firearm C9 9 mm Luger is generally sold for $100.00 or more. Price can vary based on condition of the weapon. The highest listed price is currently ...
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