How to Clean a 9mm Smith Wesson?


After you have checked that you have totally disarmed your gun you can begin to clean it. To clean you 9mm Smith Wesson some things that will be needed are the gun solvent, gun oil and a Barrel Brush. Check this out for further details
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To clean your gun, you need a cleaning rod, cleaning pads, powder solvent, q-tips and gun oil. These supplies should come from a gun shop, or official supplier, either a store or online (a source Brownells: Do not use regular household cleaning items.

1. First, remove the ammo clip and unload any rounds that are in the chamber. If it is a 9mm version of hte P94, there should be 15 rounds total from the clip and chamber, so make sure to remove them all. With the .40 S&W there should be 12 rounds. Make sure all rounds are accounted for.

2. Pull th slide back and lock it. Push the ejector down and align the notch on the left side of the grip with the slide stop. Drift the slide stop through the hold until it stopsk and then pull the slide forward off the frame. Remove the spring assembly and the barrel.

3. Run 6 cleaning pads through the barrel with the cleaning rod. On the first 3 pads, use powder solvent, but the last three should be dry to dry out the barrel. Dip the q-tips in cleaning solvent and then clean off powder residue and dust from the inside of the frame, trigger housing and spring area. Dampen a cloth with gun oil and wipe down the inside of the frame and slide, lube all moving pivots and wipe off the ammo clip.

4. Put the gun back together: Place the barrel in the frame and revers Step 2. Insert the magazine back into the gun, cycle a bullet into the chamber and test your gun. Make sure that once reassembled, the gun will effectively cycle bullets through and fire without problem.

Have fun and remember, safety first.
In cleaning a 9mm Smith & Wesson, you have to check first the chamber for a possible load. Cock the pistol three times to release any bullet before dismantling the pistol. Using the cleaning kit brush the barrel and remove any gun powder. Wipe it with soft clean fabric before you assemble the firearm.
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You can get a owner's manual for free at the S&W website.
1. Press the magazine release and remove the magazine. Pull the slide back and lock it. Verify that no rounds of ammunition are in the chamber or the magazine well. 2. Pull the slide
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