How do you clean a badly stained toilet bowl?


To clean a badly stained toilet bowl, you should first clean the toilet well. Next, gently rub fine grit wet/dry sandpaper where stains are most visible and rinse with water.
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1. Scrub the toilet bowl with a brush to remove accumulated grime. Loosen difficult stains as much as possible with the brush. 2. Dampen a paper towel with white distilled vinegar
Try Harpic 100% lime scale remover. It is in a royal blue plastic bottle with a red screw on cap. The cleaner it self is a dark blue thick liquid. Leave it over night, or all day
Removing Stubborn Rust Toilet Bowl Stains. Removing rust stains from a toilet bowl is a tough problem. I cover a lot of options in the tutorial. Removing Rust Stains From Toilets,
Empty out the toilet bowl water so that the level of the water is below the stained ring. To do this use a bucket and scoop out the water or turn off the water behind the toilet then
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How to Clean a Badly Stained Toilet Bowl
Toilets require frequent cleaning for sanitary reasons. Accumulated waste particles and urine produce unsightly stains, while water-borne minerals produce heavy calcium buildup on toilet bowls. The longer stains remain on toilet bowls, the more difficult... More »
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Vinegar not only cleans toilet bowel stains, it also sanitizes surfaces. However, white vinegar is recommended because it works naturally, safely and effectively ...
You can clean American standard toilets by soaking the toilet bowl with detergent for 5-10 minutes. Scrub the toilet using a toilet washer and later on flashing ...
To remove dirt and grime from a really dirty toilet, scrub the toilet bowl to loosen the tough stubborn stains using a brush. Lay a paper towel that has been soaked ...
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