How to Clean a Bearskin Rug?


To clean a bearskin rug, you should vacuum it first. You should also beat the rug to get out the extra dirt. Next, gently scrub the rug using a soft nylon brush, cold water and fur cleaner. Start brushing from one end of the rug, going along the grain. Dip your brush into the fur cleaner after each stroke of the brush. Dry the rug outside, preferably on a cool, dry day. Make sure to brush the rug often during the drying process.
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1. Hold your bearskin up to the wall, with a friend's help, and trace around it with chalk. Measure how far apart the rings are on the underside of the skin and make chalk marks that
Knowing how to clean a bearskin rug will help you to save a lot of money. You will no longer have to deal with a dull bearskin rug because you do not want to pay to have it cleaned.
1. Fill your tub with cold water, and add a small amount of baby shampoo (a cap full or so) Ad. 2. Place your sheepskin in the tub fleece side down. 3. Hand wash gently and rinse.
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