How do you clean a burnt stainless-steel pot?


According to Martha Stewart, burn marks on stainless steel pots can be removed by applying white vinegar to a soft cloth and rubbing the pot until the steel is clear of scorch marks. It is important to dry the pots thoroughly to prevent film build-up. Burn marks can also be removed by applying baking soda and liquid dish soap to the scorched area and allowing the pot to sit overnight.

After the mixture has penetrated the burnt area, the next step is to rinse and towel-dry the pot. Sticky burnt-on substances such as caramel can be removed from stainless steel by pouring cola or liquid dish soap into the pot and gently simmering the liquid until the caramel loosens. Pouring a mixture of cream of tartar and water into the pot and allowing it to sit overnight also works well to lift burnt-on substances.

Lime juice and salt is another home remedy that removes burnt-on foods and liquids. The acid in the lime juice helps to loosen the burnt substances, while the salt acts as a natural scrubbing abrasive. If residual burn marks remain after treating the pot, use an oxygenated bleach powder to lift remaining residue. Stainless steel tends to be prone to pitting, so it is important to avoid submerging pots and pans in water for extended periods of time.

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