How to Clean a Ceramic Stove Top?


There are special cleaners used for ceramic/glass stove tops. You can find them with the other stove/kitchen cleaners at the store. I would recommend using a microfiber cloth with the stove top cleaner.
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1. Turn off your stove and allow it to cool down. Do not do any cleaning while the surface is hot. Not only can you burn yourself, you can damage the top. Remove all jewelry that
Personally i find the best way to clean them would be : To get a VERY large washing-up bowl that is able to hold a maximum of four litres, put in the following : Four cups of bicarbonate
What does your user's manual suggest as a cleaner? If there's baked on dried food and splashes, I would imagine a non-abrasive cleaner would be okay. If it's just greasy, an all-purpose
1 Turn off your ceramic cook top burners before beginning to clean. Ad 2 Wait until the stove has cooled to clean up spills and scratches. However, if there is a sugar spill, clean
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Tips on How to Clean a Ceramic Stove Top
Your ceramic stove's top should be kept clean to prevent permanent stains or burning food. Clean your stove after each use to ensure that it stays looking like new. If you let food set on it, it can cause stains or burn food if it is close to a burner.... More »
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When you have a ceramic stove top you may be very concerned about how to keep it clean. It is actually very easy with all of the products on the market today. You can buy cleaners specifically for ceramic tops an you can also get special scouring pads to use with the cleaners or razor blades. This may scare you at first but be assured that these will not scratch your cook top. Apply the cleaner as noted on the bottle, scrub in well and remove with damp paper towels.
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