How to Clean a Coated Tongue?


To clean coated tongue, rest a tongue scraper at the base of your tongue flush against the surface stroking slowly from the back to the front. Coat the surface of your tongue with toothpaste gently to neutralize the anaerobic bacteria that produces sulphur. Leave the toothpaste there for at least one and a half minutes. Brush your tongue moving from front to back slowly with the toothbrush. Brush as far you can reach the back of your tongue back without gagging. Rinse your mouth with warm water once you are done.
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A white coating occurs when the tiny bumps on the tongue, known as papillae, become inflamed. Inflammation usually happens because of dehydration, fever, mouth breathing or smoking.
Plaque. You're supposed to brush your tongue every night to keep it away.
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A healthy tongue will usually appear to be a dark pink color. At times you will notice a coating on your tongue. This happens when bacteria has built up on the ...
There are three kinds of coated tongue namely white tongue, yellow tongue and black, hairy tongue which all occur for different causes. For example, white tongue ...
A yellow coating on the tongue is an indication of interior syndromes and heat syndromes. One diagnosis of a yellow tongue coating is that of excess heat. The ...
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