How do you clean a coffee maker without vinegar?


One can still clean a coffee maker without using vinegar. Alternatives that one can use for cleaning the coffee maker would be baking soda with water, lemon juice, as well as ice combined with salt. One can also use commercial coffee maker cleaners or simply use dishwashing liquid.
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1. Fill the coffee pot of your drip coffee maker with warm water. 2. Drop two denture cleaning tablets into the coffee pot. Allow them to dissolve completely in the pot. 3. Pour the
Fill the coffee pot up with cold water and about a cup of vinegar. Let it sit overnight, and then drain, and scrub with abrasive cleanser. Stains will come right out!
Mineral deposits from water and coffee residue can build up in the components of your coffee maker and over time, these can not only affect the taste of the coffee, but it can also
Make a mixture of 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water-- enough to
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To clean a Bunn coffee maker, fill the water reservoir with half water and half white vinegar. The vinegar will remove the scum and will help to freshen the coffee ...
To clean a coffee pot, fill the reservoir with equal parts water and distilled white vinegar. By running the mixture through a cycle in the coffee maker, the entire ...
According to Martha Stewart, all coffee makers should be cleaned once a month. The only items needed for the cleaning project are equal amounts of distilled white ...
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