How to Clean a Goldfish Tank?


If you are cleaning the tank completely remove the goldfish. Empty the tank and wipe it down with a clean towel. Rinse the tank completely before refilling it. You may need to add some balancing chemicals depending on what kind of water you use.
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1. Every week you will need to change about 25% (perhaps more depending on your water readings/types of fish you have) of the water in your tank. How much and how often depends on
1. Determine a partial water change and algae cleaning schedule and stick to it. A general rule is that a goldfish tank needs a 10 - 20% partial water change every week. If the tank
they are dead.
Ok, Take the fish out of the water using a net or clean hands. put the fish into water WITH THE SAME TEMPERATURE as the water you took em out off. Clean that tank out. get the water
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A goldfish just needs a clean tank of water and some good food designed for a goldfish. Feed them according to the directions. Add some interesting toys to their ...
When cleaning a goldfish aquarium, clean the tank at least once every two weeks, but more frequently is preferable due to the large amount of waste goldfish produce ...
It is very easy to take care of goldfish. Feed them once daily. Clean out their tank once a week. You can also replace the water once a week if you do not have ...
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