How to Clean Granite Sinks.?


1. Submerge a non-abrasive sponge or cloth into the basin of water and squeeze out any extra water. You want it damp, not soppingly wet. 2. Add a few drops of the mild soap directly onto the wet sponge/cloth and squeeze to make some lather. 3. Wipe
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Granite sinks are in high demand today in modern homes. Granite is a hardy stone that will resist staining and denting and will stand the pressures of every day use. It is very durable
According to a website of fine sinks and baths, clean a granite sink by using a soapy nylon brush in circular motions. Rinsing and drying is very important in avoiding film build-up
There are many products on the market made specifically for cleaning granite countertops. You can choose any one of these or try this low cost solution - isopropyl alcohol (rubbing
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To clean a granite sink, you need to take a non-abrasive sponge or cloth and dampen it with water. Add a few drops of mild soap directly onto the wet cloth and ...
Cleaning a granite sink regularly is important to keep it look good and helps eliminate stains from setting in. Mixing a concoction of a mild dish washing liquid ...
1. Rinse the sink thoroughly to remove any stuck-on dirt and debris with clean water and a soft clean cloth for more problematic spots. 2. Mix a solution of vinegar ...
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