How do you clean a lambswool duster?


First, after each use, take the duster out and shake the loose dust off, then twirl it between your palms to fluff the fibers. Spider webs can usually be broken loose by banging it against a tight metal wire or pole. If the duster must be washed, use a bit of mild soap and wash by hand, rinsing with clear water. Blot with a clean towel and hang up overnight to dry.
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1. Fill a sink with warm water and 2 tbsp. dish-washing soap. 2. Dip the lambswool duster repeatedly in the soapy water to break up and remove dust and dirt. 3. Drain the sink. Rinse
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How to Clean a Lambswool Duster
A lambswool duster lets you clean not only large items such as window blinds, but also small trinkets like statues and candles. But like other cleaning tools, a lambswool duster needs cleaning itself to remove caked-on dust, dirt and grime. An unclean... More »
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