How to Clean a Painted Chalkboard?


How to clean a painted chalkboard. You will first need to remove all the chalk, by using your eraser back and forth. Then take one half cup of distilled vinegar to a large pail of warm water. Dip your cleaning cloth in the solution and start cleaning your painted chalkboard.
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1. After removing as much chalk from the board as you can with an eraser, pour the vinegar into a bucket of warm water, wet a lint-free cloth in it, and wipe the board in long, vertical
The best way is to take a damp cloth and wipe it down. I had one
1. Rub the whole chalkboard with clean erasers in order to remove the large amounts of chalk dust. Beat erasers, vacuum them, or rub them with a cloth to make sure that they are clean
1/2 cup vinegar in a bucket of warm water. Start in the top left corner and work your way across the board in large up and down strokes, finishing in the upper right corner. They
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How to Clean a Painted Chalkboard
Thankfully, not all chalkboards have been replaced by whiteboards, overhead projectors or PowerPoint presentations. The green or black rectangles are still in classrooms, restaurants, even homes. With chalkboard paint readily available, people are using... More »
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