How do you clean a really dirty toilet?


To remove dirt and grime from a really dirty toilet, scrub the toilet bowl to loosen the tough stubborn stains using a brush. Lay a paper towel that has been soaked with distilled vinegar on the stains. Pour one quart of white vinegar into the toilet bowl water and let it stay overnight together with the paper towel. Remove the paper towel from the toilet and scrub the bowl thoroughly then flush.
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First things first flush the toilet, then put on your rubber gloves Sprinkle comet or ajax inside the toilet bowl With your disinfectant spray every inch of toilet outside the bowl,
With the bowl already filled with water, pour about a cup of swimming pool acid into the toilet and let it sit for about 30 minutes. The 30% muriatic acid will eat up all of the gunk
The best way that I have ever found to clean dirty water is to boil the water and then collect the steam which will condense back into clean potable water.
1. If needed, soak pot in hot soapy water to loosen crusted dried on food. Ad. 2. Wash pot the way you would normally wash other pots. The only exception is to try not to use the
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If toilet water is dirty even though the bowl is clean, remove the cover to the tank and see if the cause can be found. As long as the water entering the toilet ...
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