How do you clean a squirrel?


Cleaning a squirrel takes nine simple steps, and, when done correctly, results in quality meat to use in a variety of recipes. It involves skinning, gutting and washing the squirrel. Start by soaking the squirrel in water and removing the hair from the base of the tail. This makes it easier to make the next cut.

Using a small, sharp knife, cut through the base of the tail bone, making sure not to pull the tail off. Next, make a 1-inch cut from the base of the tail toward the head of the squirrel. Make another small cut in front of each hind leg, then brace your foot on the hind feet and pull up on the tail. Pull the entire hide toward the squirrels head until the front legs are exposed. Finally, cut the feet and head off using the bone-cutting notch of kitchen shears.

Skinning the squirrel before gutting it prevents hair from spreading over the carcass. To gut the squirrel, slice the squirrels underbelly open with the knife. Use your fingers to remove the entrails. Wash the squirrel well using clean, cold water. With practice, this process can be completed in less than 10 minutes per squirrel. Squirrel meat is a delicacy that some enjoy fried, or removed from the bone and cooked into a stew.

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How to Clean a Squirrel
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