How do you clean a suede sofa?


If the mess is a liquid type, grab some paper towels and blot up the liquid. Use a damp cloth to gently wash the spot. If it is anything else, use a slightly damp magic eraser.
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1. Rub the sofa with a towel to restore the nap of the suede and to help loosen any stubborn fibers. 2. Rub dry stains lightly with an eraser. Even stains deeply ground into the suede
Hi There, I want to clean my micro suede sofa.It does not have any kind of stains. But since it is of light color it gets dirty. If I clean it,it will look like new.So what do you
Suede is an expensive and lavish material, but it is delicate and prone to wear. The soft, worked leather is fantastic for boots, coats, couches and saddles, but it needs to be properly
Rub with a towel. Remove dry stains with an eraser. Next, brush with a suede brush.
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How to Clean a Suede Sofa
A suede sofa in your living room looks stunning and feels luxurious, but no matter how hard you try to avoid it, a suede sofa always seems to attract dirt. The supple and flexible properties of suede cause it to become easily soiled and stained. Although... More »
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