How do you clean a white hat?


There are a few ways to clean a white hat. If it is cotton or polyester you can wash it in the washing machine using laundry soap. Do not dry the hat but let it air dry. Fill the sink with water and detergent, use a cloth to clean the hat. Baseball hats should be washed using a hat cage. The hat cage with the hat can be washed in the dishwasher on the top rack using dish washing soap.
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1. Wash your white hat in the washing machine if it is made of cotton or polyester. Just add laundry detergent and one cup of bleach. Wash the hat using the hot water setting. Do
You can clean a whiteboard with alcohol or even hand sanitizer. The alcohol will dissolve any leftover markings that show on the board. Wipe it well, and let it dry for a couple of
If you use bleach it should turn out as white as snow!
To clean a white cotton hat you can either hand wash it with a mild soap or put it
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How to Clean White Hats
White hats are perfect to wear during the spring and summer months. A white hat is not only stylish, but it will help to keep sun out of your eyes. The only problem with white hats is that they show every speck of dirt. If your white hat begins to get... More »
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