How to Clean a Yorkie's Ears?


A Yorkie, or Yorkshire Terrier, is a small dog that was originally bred to catch rats in the 19th century. You can gently clean a Yorkie's ears after carefully inspecting to make sure they are not infected. Using cotton balls and swabs, being careful not to insert the swabs into the ear canal, use an ear cleaning solution to wipe the area until the cotton comes away clean.
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1. Look at the ears to locate signs of infection. A brown or red discharge or a strange odor coming from the ears can indicate an infection. Stop grooming the ears and contact a veterinarian
How to clean a dogs ears depends on its size. For a small dog, just use q-tips. For a large dog, use a damp rag to wipe out the ear. The best way to have a dogs ears cleaned is to
There are several methods on how to clean ear wax including the unsubstantiated method of using an ear wax candle. Ear wax, also know as cerumen, is a protective sticky substance
1 Dampen the tip of a cotton swab with some sweet oil. Do not saturate it. Ferrets' ears connect to their throat and they will be able to taste it, and they don't like it very much's-Ears
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You will need some nail clippers, a nail file, pet toothbrush, pet toothpaste, cotton swabs, ear cleaning solution, tear stain remover, clippers, conditioner, ...
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Earwax should not be cleaned from inside the ears unless it is presenting a medical problem. Earwax can be cleaned from the outside of the ear with cotton swabs, ...
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