How to Clean Antifreeze from Driveway?


To clean antifreeze from the driveway one should start by putting cat litter on the spill and allow to sit for thirty minutes. Sweep up the litter and fill a container with hot water and two cups of vinegar. Add baking soda to the driveway and pour the vinegar and water mixture on the baking soda. Scrub the area well and rinse with warm water.
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1. Wash the driveway asphalt with water from a garden hose, preferably with a spray nozzle to provide strong water pressure. If the antifreeze is not completely removed, take a more
The best trick to get rid of those pesky oil stains on the driveway and in the garage, is cat litter. Simply sprinkle it over the spot, about a half inch thick, let it sit about 24
1. Get prepared by clearing the driveway completely. Ad. 2. Set up your pressure washer and make sure it has a chemical injector. 3. Prepare your chemical solution by carefully (
Dawn Soap. Hot water. Scrub Brush. I dumped 8L of used diesel motor oil on my driveway and I scrubbed it clean over 3.5 hours. It was pure black slick, I was afraid I would never
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Yes, Clorox Bleach can clean concrete. It can remove dirt and mildew from the concrete. To clean a concrete driveway, one should mix a cup of the beach into a ...
In order to clean the outside of a mobile home,use a rotary surface cleaner and a turbo lance attached to a high pressure washer to clean driveways, patios, paths ...
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