How to Clean Aquarium Rocks?


To clean aquarium rocks put the rocks in a bucket of hot water, add some bleach powder and use a wire brush to scrub them clean. Put them out under the sun for them to dry. For details refer to this link, .
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1. Put on goggles and rubber gloves. 2. Remove the rocks from the aquarium with a net or with your hands. 3. Attach the brush head to the bottle of rock prep and tip the bottle upside
Rinse boil and rinse them again, then they should be ok.
1. Use a razor scraper. If you just need to remove algae from the glass, it's easily done with a razor scraper. Move the scraper across the glass to remove the algae, which you can
1. Everyone who has owned an aquarium knows the importance of water changes. Although, what needs to be removed with the old water is often misunderstood. Many people set up saltwater
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How to Clean Aquarium Rocks
If you have a good filter and have encouraged the growth of bacteria-eating reef organisms, you will not need to clean your aquarium very often. Filters remove excess bacteria, and bacteria-eating organisms that live in your aquarium eat excess bacteria.... More »
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