How do you clean bluestone?


In the United States, bluestone is also known as sandstone, and it is often used on the exterior or buildings, as well as on stone patios. To clean a bluestone patio, one can use a powdered oxygen bleach. You can mix this powder in hot or warm water and then use the solution on a test area to make sure the mixture does not discolor the patio. If all is good, use a gentle scrubbing brush to wipe down the patio with the water and bleach solution and then rinse with warm water before allowing to air dry.
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1. Remove surface dirt, dust and debris by dust mopping your bluestone floor surface. Wipe bluestone countertops and other surfaces with a dry, soft cloth. Use dry cleaning processes
its not masonary, its masonry and i would use a mild muriatic acid solution and an acid brush.rinse.not an easy thing to do indoors without making a mess but you can do it if you're
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How to Clean Bluestone
Bluestone is a name that encompasses a few different types of natural stone used in building and home decor. Sandstone and limestone are two types of bluestone. Natural stone surfaces are durable materials for flooring, countertops and other home... More »
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