How to Clean CD Disc?


Disks can be cleaned using simple cleaning a simple solution of rubbing alcohol and water. They should only be wiped with soft, lint free materials such as a microfiber cloth. This page is a video of how to clean your CDs. For more information look here: Clean your CDs video;
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1. Hold the CD or DVD disc on the edges only. Avoid touching the surface of the disc. 2. Gently spray the surface of the CD with compressed air to remove dust. 3. Create a cleaning
There are machines you can buy in a technology store that will repair your slightly scratched or dirty CDs for you. However, if you'd like to do it the cheap and effective way with
You can buy special cleaning products for CDs and DVDs at department stores.Which store depends on where you live.
Scratch remover. You can get it at any CD or DVD store. You can also get the the video store to clean them for you for about 5 bucks or so. If you are going to do it yourself, use
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To clean a CD (compact disc), wipe the reflective surface with a soft cloth, in straight lines, not circles. Do not touch the reflective surface with your fingers ...
Sometimes your disc will need to be cleaned. To clean a CD disc you can simply take some rubbing alcohol on a soft, lint-free cloth and clean from the middle outwards ...
It's best to use microfiber cloths and a cleaning solution made to clean your CDs. Never use household cleaners as they are too strong for the surface of your ...
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