How to Clean Clams before Steaming?


Martha Stewart has an easy way to get rid of sand in clams. Prepare them for steaming by placing them in a large bowl and sprinkling cornmeal over them. Add warm water to the bowl to cover clams and they will open to get rid of the sand.
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1. Pull out the entire clam from the shell. You can use a fork to pull out the clam if you do not want to use your hands. 2. Remove the membrane from the siphon of the clam. The siphon
Dear Florence, Some people like to soak their clams in water that has plenty of cornmeal in it, for a few hours to overnight, to purge the clams of sand. But personally I rarely find
Clams need to be rinsed clean of the sand which they love so much. Place 1 1/2 - 2 cups chardonnay in a saute' pan with a lid. Put pan on high heat. Add one tablespoon or so of fresh
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Steamer clams are found by digging them up in harvested areas. When found, they may contain a lot of dirt and sand from being underground. Before steaming the ...
To clean clams, you want to begin by soaking them for about 20 minutes before you will begin cooking them. Do this in fresh water. After you remove them from the ...
Cleaning clams is a task specially cleaning all the sand out and scrubing the shell clean before you cook it. Cooking clams very easy, i just pan fry them in ...
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