How to Clean Composite Decks?


To properly clean composite decking, one would first clean the surface of excess dirt. A chemical compound like Corteclean, for example, will then be used to treat the surface by removing stains, grime, and adding protection.
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How to Clean Composite Decks
Decaying leaves, bird droppings and outdoor grilling spills cause your composite decking to look a mess, but one of the advantages of composite decking material is its simple maintenance. When cleaning your deck, make certain that water does not get... More »
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1. Make sure to close all the windows on the side of the house containing the deck to prevent water and dirt from getting into the house. 2. Sweep all the loose debris from your deck
Try using vinegar.
If you've cringed at the sight of your dingy deck and hate the thought of company seeing it, you may need to clean up your act before you invite someone over. To clean your deck,
Springtime is the best time to clean and rejuvenate your deck so you can enjoy it all summer. Wood decking needs to be maintained to prevent the elements from rotting the wood. Whether
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To clean Trex decking you can buy composite deck cleaner. If you can not get ordinary deck cleaner, soap, hot water and a soft bristled brush work as well. This ...
ProDek™ Composite Decking's cleaned and uniform ingredients, along with the encapsulation process and slow cooling methods, make it a superior product. Slow ...
Composite decking is a material used for building decks that is made out of wood fibers as well as plastic and other materials. These materials are used to make ...
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