How to Clean Dirty Candles?


It's quite easy to clean the dirty candles. As candles are made-up from non-polar materials, so dish-washing soap is a good option to wash them. Soak the candles in a mixture of water and dish-washing soap and rub them gently and then wash them with cold water.
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The best way that I have ever found to clean dirty water is to boil the water and then collect the steam which will condense back into clean potable water.
1. Use the edge of a credit card to scrape away as much dried candle wax as possible. 2. Place three or four stacked paper towels or a brown paper bag on top of the spilled, dried
1. Place a sturdy step stool or ladder under the ceiling fan. Saturate a clean rag with dust spray. 2. Dust the ceiling fan with the rag, starting at the very top of the fixture.
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