How to Clean DVD Player Laser Lens?


To clean DVD player laser lens you need to buy a lens cleaner from the correct vendor or store and following the instructions on the cleaning manual do it carefully. You can also open the DVD casing and unlock it then locate the lens and using a fine clean cloth clean it carefully.
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1. Make sure the laser pickup lens is actually the problem. There are a wide variety of reasons that a DVD player might not read a disc efficiently. The disc could be scratched or
The best way to clean a DVD player is to purchase the cleaning kits from either a computer store/electronics store or Wal-Mart/Target. Follow the instructions on the kit which require
First you will want to start by, unplugging your DVD player from the wall and tv, and move it to a more suitable working environment, like a table or desk.
1. Buy a laser lens cleaner. These can be purchased at Wal-Mart in the electronics area. They are generally quite cheap, and come in packages with CD cleaner solution and a CD-cleaner
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A DVD laser lens is the part on the DVD player that reads the data from the DVDs. If the DVD player does not seem to be functioning right, cleaning the laser lens ...
To clean a dvd player laser first try to determine the problem. There are many reasons such as a scratch or dirt. Next, you will need a cotton swab, and rubbing ...
Do not try to clean a DVD lens with a cloth or brush, it can get damaged. Laser can be harmful for eyes and hence avoid any exposure to it. Special cleaning DVDs ...
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