How to Clean Hairspray off My Curling Iron?


Leave it to cool completely before trying to clean the hairspray and using a vaguely wet cloth, gently clean as you remove any residue that is stuck to the iron. Put a small amount of rubbing alcohol onto your rag and wipe the iron with it to get rid of any hairspray residue. You can also apply a small amount of ammonia on the rag and rub or use a cotton ball with nail polish remover containing acetone on it to try another attempt to remove the stubborn hairspray residue.
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1. Unplug the curling iron and allow it to completely cool before attempting to clean the hairspray from the curling iron. 2. Get a rag slightly damp and gently wipe the curling iron
1. Get all the supplies listed at the bottom. 2. Make sure that your curling iron Is NOT hot and NOT on. If you have just used it, wait a while before attempting this. Even if it
This works best for curling irons that are crome plated, not the painted type. Use a paste of baking soda and a little water. Rub it on gently and wipe off with a damp, soft cloth
You can use nail polish remover but it might damage the iron. I just heat up my iron and get a q-tip and dip it in hydrogen peroxide (that's the stuff you put on your piercings) and
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While a curling iron does not always look dirty and grimy to the naked eye, a germy and filmy buildup can accumulate on the iron, especially if hair styling products ...
Taking hairspray off of curling Iron involves releasing the curling iron and allow it to fully cool. Get a damp rag and slightly wipe the curling iron with the ...
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