How to Clean Indian Sandstone?


To clean Indian sandstone floors, use non-treated and dry dust mop. If liquid spills and wet items set on sandstone counter, make sure to wipe the spills immediately with damp sponge and warm water. If the sandstone is stained by organic materials, use absorbent material such as talc, saw dust and mix it with cleaning agent. Then, apply the mixture over the stain. If scratches is noted, deeply itch the sandstone until the scratches is eliminated. Lastly, refrain from using chlorine bleach or any acidic cleaners as it can damage the sandstone.
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1. Dust down the sandstone and calcite. Calcite is a solid formation of rock within sandstone, often smooth to the touch, which occurs in white, opaque, green, gray and yellow. It
Sandstone tiles are excellent materials to use because of their natural beauty. They also help prevent accidents and injuries because of their porous surface. Sandstone has many advantages
I believe you need acid to clean it.Make sure the area you are cleaning,a small bit at the time is wet with water before you put the acid on it.That will save you having drop spots
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1. Vacuum the sandstone floor tile on the hard floor setting. Use attachments to reach the edges and corners if necessary. 2. Fill a bucket with 1 gallon of warm ...
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