How to Clean Ivory Jewelry?


You can dust your ivory jewelry with a soft paintbrush. A white vinyl eraser can be used on dirt or grime. A damp lint free cloth should be used to wipe the jewelry. Be sure to wear cotton gloves when handling your ivory! For more information look here: Step By Step Instructions;
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1. Take care of your ivory jewelry properly. Keep your ivory jewelry away from moist places like bathrooms. Instead, store your ivory jewelry in your jewelry box or soft jewelry pouches
Dust the ivory then rub it with a soft cloth dipped in a solution of lemon juice and water. Use equal
1. Keep your ivory item exposed to light. When ivory is left in the dark, it changes to a yellow color. Ad. 2. Wash ivory in a gentle soap and water mix. Do not soak; simply wipe
The term ivory has traditionally been used to refer to the hard, white or cream colored elephant or mammoth tusks, but it can also be used to describe the tusks of a walrus and other
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How to Clean Ivory Jewelry
Traditionally, elephant tusks were the primary source for ivory. Since this kind of ivory is banned and heavily regulated across the world, today's ivory is derived from teeth or tusks from animals like walruses, hippopotamuses, boars and sperm whales.... More »
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