How to Clean Mesh on Tennis Shoes?


Clean mesh on tennis shoes by using a toothbrush and some detergent or dish soap. Scrub the mesh. Rinse and allow to dry. This allows you to see the spots missed.
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1. Remove the shoelaces. Also, if they aren't glued into place, remove the inner soles. 2. Wipe the mesh lightly with a clean cloth, using soap and warm water. 3. Scrub tougher stains
1 Remove any dirt or mud clumps from your shoes with a stiff brush. If you can’t do this outside, hold the shoes over an old newspaper or a wastebasket to brush off the dirt
~I have part leather and part netting/canvassy type tennis shows, that were expensive and they aren't able to be washed. The cloth parts I wash with warm water in a bowl, with a half
Inspect the soles of your shoes for gum, dirt, or other objects picked up in your travels.
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How to Clean Mesh on Tennis Shoes
Mesh adds a unique design to tennis shoes while also allowing them to breathe. However, it also attracts dirt, dust and residue. Routinely cleaning your shoes and protecting the mesh with a silicone spray can prevent dirt and dust from sticking to the... More »
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