How to Clean Mold from VHS Tapes?


To clean mold from VHS tapes, use a damp rag. You can wipe them gently. You should also consider using some sort of spray that can clean it. Do not dunk them in water.
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1. Allow the tape to dry if it is wet. Working with wet tape will likely cause additional damage. 2. Rewind the tape if it's possible to do so without ruining your VCR in the process
Hi Connie, Why don't you copy them to a DVD. You can do that with your computer or get a VHS / DVD combo with recorder. They are getting really cheap now. Copying them to a DVD will
Severe infestaton is difficult to treat. Early diagnosis might be remedied by VHS TAPE cleaners on the market. One is by Kinko- check auction sites-these are not VHS HEAD cleaners
Very carefully clean the tape with a soft cloth (lens cloth) and a solution of mild
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There are several ways to clean vhs tapes depending on the debris or damage to the tape. If the tape is wet you will want it to completely dry before doing any ...
A good place to find VHS tapes is on eBay. A lot of people are cleaning out their closets and I've noticed they are willing to sell their old VHS videos at a cheap ...
1. Purchase and use a VCR cleaning tape. Cleaning VHS tapes have specific material instead of regular tape, which winds around the components to help clean away ...
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