How to Clean My Colon?


There are several ways to clean your colon. There are may over the counter products that are made for colon cleansing. There are also all natural herbs available. For more information look here: Colon cleaning tips;
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Ways to Clean Your Colon
According to some experts, there can be anywhere between 10 to 25 pounds of waste in your colon at any given time. You need to take proactive steps to eliminate that waste efficiently. You should ideally be moving your bowels at least once a day; some... More »
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Always check with your physician first before you begin the process of cleansing your colon. The digestive system and bowel naturally eliminates wastes and bacteria. The body doesn't
1. Eliminate the junk. The first thing you need to do to clean out the colon walls is get rid of all the foods that have caused the colon to get backed up. This would include deep
1. Make sure you’re eating not only the right kinds of food, but also at the right time of day. Eat during three different, evenly-spaced intervals throughout the day. This
Colon cleansing is just a fancy term for enema. Answer There are various forms of colon cleansing. Enemas are just one method and this method is not highly recommended as it can be
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To clean the colon, you need to start by drinking lots of water. Then, take out all refined and processed foods. Next, you will limit yourself to only drinking ...
To clean your colon, try purchasing an enema at your local drug store. If you'd rather not clean your colon 'manually', you can try taking laxatives or ingesting ...
To clean your colon naturally, you first need to drink lots and lots of water. Then, increase your fiber and limit your refine foods. Then, you will fast with ...
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