What is the best way to clean oak kitchen cabinets?


Cleaning your kitchen cabinets can be as simple as wiping them down with a damp cloth. If you have a buildup of grease and grime, then you might need a commercial product to help you cut through the mess. Make sure that it is safe to use on your natural oak finish. If you do not want to use a harsh chemical, then you can mix one teaspoon of lemon oil with one cup of warm water and spray on the greasy area. The lemon oil will naturally cut right through the buildup.
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1. Dust the cabinets regularly, and wipe down the interior of the cabinets as well. Use a vacuum hose attachment when debris, crumbs and other residue is present. 2. Wipe down the
1 Open the cabinet doors. Empty out the contents and set them aside. Ad 2 Mix some mild soap and water together in a small bucket. Wash the insides of the cabinet using the soap solution
Cleaning laminated cabinets can be done with a mixture of Club Soda, and white vinegar.
If your budget does not call for a complete kitchen cabinet overhaul, consider painting your existing cabinets. A fresh coat of paint will breathe new life into worn cabinets and
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How to Clean Oak Kitchen Cabinets
Traditional oak cabinets provide a durable cabinetry option that lasts a lifetime when cared for properly. To keep the cabinets looking their best, clean the oak regularly with mild ingredients that remove buildup but don't damage the wood or leave... More »
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