How to Clean Painted Wood Furniture?


When you have painted wood furniture, you may want to limit your heavy cleaning since some chemicals can dull or even harm the paint. Vacuuming the furniture using your vacuum's brush attachment can keep the dust at bay. Wipe with a clean damp cloth when the dust is clear just to remove any smudges.
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1. Make sure there's no chance that your piece of furniture is an antique whose value could be destroyed by changing the finish. 2. Set up your work area in a well-ventilated place
1. Place old newspaper around and underneath furniture. 2. Sand the furniture with 320-grit sandpaper, or use an electric sander on big pieces, such as tables and dressers. Sand in
1. Place furniture in a well-ventilated room that has a consistent temperature of 63 degrees F. An unfinished basement with windows or a clean garage work best, since there will be
1. Remember that sandpaper is rated by grit. A smaller grit number means the paper has fewer, but larger, bits of sand. The best sandpaper to finish sanding furniture with has a grit
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How to Clean Painted Wood Furniture
Cleaning painted wood furniture is not much different from painting unfinished wood furniture. In both cases, the less water you use, the better. This is not to say, however, that you cannot use water at all. While frequent dusting can prevent furniture... More »
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