How to Clean Paper Money?


You can clean paper money with a rag and some dish soap. Dip the rag in some warm water mixed with dish soap and gently wipe the money with it.Lay the money flat to dry.
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1. Fill bowl with warm water, adding a small amount of dish detergent to create a soapy mixture. 2. Place paper money on a clean, flat surface. Lightly dip a corner of the soft rag
The short answer is, you don't. When dealing with collectible items, any cleaning methods you may have available at home will almost certainly do more harm than good by damaging the
1. Dust the lampshade with a feather or wool duster. Ad. 2. Wipe down with a. dry cloth. Good types of cloth to use include a dryer fabric softener sheet or a micro-cloth, as these
Take it to a money laundering facility!
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How to Clean Paper Money
Money-laundering sounds like an easy way to end up in jail, but what do you do when you have a bunch of grimy bank notes? Before you start cleaning, consider the options. If the paper currency is more than 50 years old, it is best to leave it be, as the... More »
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