How to Clean Popcorn Ceiling?


This is a messy job. The best thing is to try to get a long enough hose for your vacuum cleaner to vacuum it. If not, you have to sweep it and it gets everywhere.
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The Best Way to Clean a Popcorn Ceiling
The popcorn ceiling was a popular feature in many homes primarily from the 1960s to the 1980s, but can still be found in many homes today. The bumpy texture of this ceiling finish hides imperfections in the ceiling and absorbs sound, but it tends to be... More »
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Popcorn ceilings can be pesky when it comes to cleaning them. The easiest way to get the dust or cobwebs from the popcorn ceiling is to buy canned air and spray it on the ceiling to get the dust off, but then you'll have cobwebs flying around in your room. Just be sure to have a humidifier going and vacuum after you're finished.
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1. Find out if your ceiling contains asbestos. Asbestos was commonly used in popcorn ceilings for several decades. If your ceiling was installed before 1978, it almost certainly contains
The 70’s brought about a new trend in home design. The popcorn ceiling was a popular fad back then. At that time, it was considered cool and downright awesome but today, it
Painting popcorn ceilings is the same way as painting a wall. You will need to get a thicker roller to be able to get into the crevices and purchase ceiling paint.
Removing a popcorn ceiling is not for the average homeowner. Some types of popcorn ceilings contain asbestos and must be removed by a professional or, you can have new drywall installed
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When cleaning a popcorn ceiling, one would deal with the small flakes of the ceiling that falls down below. Before cleaning the ceilings, make sure to lay down ...
First check for Asbestos, if there is any, let a professional do the job! If not then, good old Bleach spray will most likely do the trick! Where a mask, and protect ...
To clean a popcorn ceiling, the best thing to use is an ordinary broom. If you can reach the ceiling with your broom, carefully sweep the popcorn. Don't get ...
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