How to Clean Rabbit Fur?


To clean rabbit fur you should take your garment to a furrier or a dry cleaner. Rabbit fur can be very delicate and requires a special cleaning process. You don't want to just take the rabbit fur and put it in a washing machine with detergent. The chances that the fur will fall apart and dry out are very high. Rabbit fur coats can be cleaned by a professional for as low as $45. You can also check the garment's cleaning instructions.
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1. Clean the fur as soon as you notice stains from water, mud or other dirt. If possible, don't let the stain dry. It's easier to remove the stain if it is still wet. 2. Dampen the
1 Brush your bunny's fur regularly. What "brushing" entails depends on what breed of rabbit you have. If you have a short-haired breed, you're in luck; you can simply run's-Fur-Clea...
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Furs should be professionally cleaned but in this case it would probably cost a lot of money and not really worth it. What I do with my fur coats as I can't afford to clean them properly
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How to Clean Rabbit Fur at Home
Rabbit fur is valued by clothing manufacturers because it is inexpensive and has a softness that other fur types lack. Rabbit fur is routinely used in clothing such as coats, hats, stoles and other winter items. Although most fur manufacturer's... More »
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