How do you clean scratched games?


To clean scratched games, you may use a glass cleaner. Wipe a small amount of glass cleaner in the scratched area. You may use a dry and clean cloth to wipe the disc.
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1. Rinse the game disc under cool tap water. This removes any debris or dust that may cause further damage to the disc during cleaning. Let the disc dry. 2. Place a small amount of
Check out They will professionally refinish your disc and they guarantee their work too.
You can take it to a local game shop and they could buff it up for a few dollars, or being an older ps1 game, you could find another disc-only copy of it on eBay for cheap.
Polish the CD with a clean, soft cloth and toothpaste - preferably a non-gel variety. These procedures are not 100% accurate but they usually work.
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